Xiaomi Mi8 Release Date, Price, and Specification
Xiaomi Mi8 Release Date, Price, Specification, and Review

Xiaomi Mi8 Release Date, Price, Specification, and Review

The Mobile World Congress is getting closer several launches expected in the mobile panorama. Including Xiaomi, this will have its space for the first time at the mobile fair. All rumors point to Xiaomi Mi 8 the next flagship of the Chinese firm, which has led to new leaks. According to information coming from China, the Xiaomi Mi 8 would actually be the best model. There are details that suggest they will have a more technical sheet. Here we will analyze the technical features of the Xiaomi Mi8. That will be easy most of us to know about this device.

 Xiaomi Mi8 Release Date

Each company chose a specific time for the smartphone release. Undoubtedly, Xiaomi Mi8 has to go on the market during the April 2019. The Xiaomi Mi8 will be the next flagship of the Chinese firm. The leaks and rumors about the Xiaomi Mi8 have already begun publishing its features and price. In this special article, we want to show you everything we know about it.  It will seem to become more and more common throughout 2019. You can check Xiaomi Mi Mix3 release date and specification.

                                                         Xiaomi Mi8 Release Date, Price, Specification, and Review

Xiaomi Mi8 specification

If the rumors are true this year, the Xiaomi high range will arrive in two versions. These are 5.7 inches Xiaomi Mi8 4K display and 6.0 inches Xiaomi Mi8 Plus 4K display. The normal Mi 8 would have a screen of 5.7 inches with 4096 x 2160-screen resolution. While the Mi 7 Plus would be 4K display. This device would be 18: 9 formatted. The design expected to bet on the reduction of frames as seen in the filtered renders. The Chinese know how to take advantage of the absence of side edges. We assume this device could expand the size of the screen without the Xiaomi Mi8 to be comfortable to carry. The wireless charge we have already seen in the latest Samsung Smartphone. That will incorporate later to the high-end Xiaomi. The truth is that it is a featured user tend to like a lot.

                                                                          Xiaomi Mi8 Release Date, Price, Specification, and Review

The Xiaomi Mi7 has a number of features that make it easy to see the user think.

 Xiaomi Mi8 Feature

The features will be especially with the Android 8.0 OS and the incredible 8 GB of RAM. Its processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 backed with Adreno 540 GPU. A 3850 mAh battery will supply the necessary power to this Smartphone. Xiaomi would repeat with 20 MP+ 20 MP double camera. The Xiaomi Mi8 Smartphone may have a 12 MP front camera. In this case, would season with functions based on artificial intelligence. There is the talk of a proprietary facial recognition system. Does this mean that there will be no fingerprint reader? We are sure that the Xiaomi Mi8 will be water and dust resistant. It capable of being submerged for half an hour to a maximum of one meter deep. The main camera of this device can continue competing among the best, perhaps with an optimized application.

 Xiaomi Mi8 Price

The rumors draw a pair of Smartphones. That will have little to envy to the highest range. According to the latest leaks, this accompanied by a price increase. Now the Xiaomi Mi 8 would start from about $450 USD. This at the current exchange rate is 363 euros. They will continue to be much cheaper than most high produced would mark a tendency to increase prices. That could subtract points to a brand has become large. We cannot say you that this price is 100% correct. Now you can see here Google Pixel 2 release date and specification.

                                                              Xiaomi Mi8 Release Date, Price, Specification, and Review

Thanks for reading our  Xiaomi Mi8 article. Stay with us for the upcoming smartphone news.

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