How to Stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch- Updated February 2023


If you want to know that How to Stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch-2021 then this article will definitely help you out.  There are a number of games on the Nintendo Switch that you can stream to your computer or mobile device. Game titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros., and many others are available. However, how can one broadcast the Nintendo Switch on Twitch?

Fortunately, there are a variety of methods for starting a live broadcast from your Nintendo Switch. Other game consoles, such as the Playstation and Xbox, will be able to broadcast straight from their consoles, thanks to the integration of YouTube and Twitch into the system. However, you will not be able to start streaming straight from your Switch on Twitch.

How to Stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch-2021

The following are two methods for starting a Twitch stream from your Nintendo Switch

1.    Stream Nintendo switch on twitch with the capture card

2.   Stream Nintendo switch on twitch without capture card

Because there are no direct create or share buttons to Twitch or YouTube, you need a capture card. The Capture Card allows you set up high-quality Nintendo Switch streaming. Capture cards allow you capture and preserve your games as well as stream it. Many capture cards work with Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch can produce 1080p @ 60 fps, thus you won’t need a 4k capture card.

You can see our list of Best Capture Card for Nintendo Streaming in 2021

Stream Nintendo switch on twitch with the capture card

Following are the steps to stream Nintendo switch with the capture card

1.  Insert Nintendo Switch In The Dock

The first step toward streaming is to dock your Nintendo Switch. This lets you connect an HDMI cable, which lets you record and stream your games. Without the dock, you cannot begin streaming directly from your switch. Because of this, it seems likely that live streaming won’t work when the Switch is in handheld mode. This being the first and most critical step, the Nintendo Switch Lite is unable to live broadcast due to the lack of a dock.

2. Connect HDMI To Dock & Capture Card

The following step is to connect your Switch Dock and Capture Card via HDMI. Previously, the HDMI cable from Dock was used to connect to the television or monitor. However, you would now connect to a capture card in order to broadcast live on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook. The capture card will send the video feed to the PC, allowing you to stream, but that is only the first step.

3. Connect HDMI From Capture Card To TV/Monitor

Now that you’ve connected the Nintendo Switch to the capture card, you’ll need to connect the capture card to the monitor or television through another HDMI wire. This allows you to observe the gameplay. Originally, you would attach the HDMI straight to the television, but now it will pass through the capture card. No worries; capture cards are built with low latency in mind, allowing you to play games without experiencing input lag.

4. Connect Capture Card To PC/Laptop

Now you must connect the capture card to your computer/laptop in order to begin broadcasting on Twitch. By attaching your capture card, you may store or stream your current games online. Connect the USB C to the Elgato Capture Card and the USB 3.0 end to the PC if you have one. This now includes support for streaming via OBS and Game Capture Software.

5. Open OBS & Game Capture Software

Every professional streamer on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook utilizes OBS. OBS lets you stay in charge of your stream and makes it easy to record games. Open Broadcaster Program, or OBS, is the free and open-source software that you may get from this page. Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. But if you don’t like OBS, you can use the software that came with the capture card instead. For example, Elgato capture cards include Elgato Game Capture Software, which is both functional and simple to use.

6. Start Streaming Your Nintendo Switch on Twitch

If you want more control over your streaming, you can connect the Elgato video capture to free services like OBS or XSplit to get more options while streaming or recording video. You can also find more guide about this on techarcanum.

Stream Nintendo switch on twitch without capture card

  1. Connect your switch to the dock in the first step.
  2. Connect your dock to the Xbox One port using an HDMI cable.
  3. Connect the Xbox to a monitor.
  4. Launch OneGuide from the Xbox and power up the Switch. On the display, the image from your Switch should show.
  5. Connect your Xbox to your PC using an ethernet connection if possible. While wireless is technically possible, it is not optimal. It is strongly suggested that you setup your consoles in the same room as your computer.
  6. Install the Xbox application on your PC. In the app, locate your Xbox console, which should now display your Nintendo Switch.
  7. Boot OBS or Streamlabs and configure your streaming program to record the Xbox application window. You are now broadcasting your Switch to Twitch and can go live just like you would with a standard PC game.

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