Top 5 Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023

The Best Network Switches for Gaming are crucial investments for every company, in particular those that are all connected to the same network with several PCs, printers, and other devices.

For any firm that needs fast and dependable network speeds – which, let’s face it, is almost every modern organization, the finest networking switch for your needs is found on this page.

We have a selection of network switches that are suited for all types of budgets and network sizes, from tiny networks with only a few PCs to giant companies with vast quantities of network-connected devices.

The best network switch for gaming (multi-node networks) enables you to join many computers into a LAN, enabling them to share resources and access to the Internet via a single network broadband connection.

Here, we need to know what the best network switches for gaming in 2023 are and how they can handle us. If you’re highly interested in gaming, an Ethernet game switch that can manage the demand is essential. Because we have reviewed the best, read this post carefully before selecting one of the Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023.

Top 5 Best Network Switches for Gaming

1. TP-Link TL-SG105-M2

This switch is one of the Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023. Big data pipelines are starting to reach the mainstream from routers to modems, PCs to NAS. And this is a good thing, especially because we consume more data than ever before. You can even obtain 2 Gbps if you reside in one of the places where Google currently provides the service.

You don’t require a connection so quickly that one of the newer 2.5 GbE network switches may be used. File transfer, home media servers, and powerful high-bandwidth NAS configurations may all benefit from a high bandwidth switch, and when they come out, we’ll attempt to get our hands on the latest and biggest so that you know how they are doing. That takes us now to TP-Link TL-SG105-M2, a very fast 5-port unmanaged, 2.5 GbE switch that nevertheless fits almost anyone’s configuration – and budget, for this matter, even though it is bigger than your usual 5-port gigabit switch.

The TL-SG105-M2 is low-profile, quick to set up, and has a Fanless design and an envelope that keeps you as quiet as it is fast, together with its 8-port sister TL-SG108-M2. And as it’s a 2.5 GbE switch, you don’t have to buy new cables. If you currently use Cat 5e cable in your network, the networking protocol 802.3 bz, which guarantees 2.5 GbE or 5 GbE cable connections over 100 meters long, is good for you. This bore out in testing, with extremely rapid file transfers that even did not blink when we filled the network with as much traffic as we could collect. However, the switch was heated and exceeded around 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

For some reason, this switch substitutes for our prior recommendation for the finest 5-port switch, the QNAP QSW 1105-5T. First, the TP-Link only has a large data pipe, which pushes a constant 2.34 Gbps when the QNAP has only barely 2 Gbps in practical use throughout our tests. The shape factor is also somewhat more space-friendly. And more significantly, with a QNAP guarantee ending at 2 years, the TP-Link TL-SG105-M2 fits into the switch class of the firm, providing it a substantial lifetime guarantee. Finally, the QoS sports TL-SG105-M2 – a characteristic common of most unmanaged switches which are clearly lacking from the QSW 1105-5T.

If we had to select some things not ideal on this clean small switch, it should be the lack of loop detection and the fact that power supply plugs are on the opposite side of ports, which are, of course, totally personal preferences, however, it may also make installation complicated in certain configurations. The TP-Link list price is $129.99 – even though you can really purchase it under $150 at Amazon from the time of this writing, which is the same as the QNAP pricing. The TP-Link is the pick but it is not a brainer with the present pricing.

  • Relatively cheap
  • Good warranty
  • Extremely fast
  • No loop detection

2. Ubiquiti Networks UniFi USW-Flex

Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2021

This is one of the Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023. Nevertheless, we feel that Unifi USW-Flex is the ideal network switch for anyone wanting to extend PoE to the edge of their network. Each of the four output ports of this cheap 5-port wonders can deliver up to 15.4 watts of electricity. Note “up to” this; after all, ports are filled by the 46-watt power budget, 15.4 watts will be avoided at one time at all four ports.

If you use all of this power at each port, the fourth port receives less priority and less wattage. The PeE functions are also applicable only if the Unifi USW-Flex is powered by an appropriate PoE injector. If you don’t know which injector to buy, Ubiquiti sells one rather cheap which makes it one of the Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023.

While the Unifi USW-Flex has the ability to manage the switch, it lacks certain key characters like the Spanning Tree Protocol, which helps prevent switch-loops, or the ability to use SSH in extensive command line management. However, it does work for some basic functionalities, like firmware updates.

The USW-Flex is designed for outdoor use and offers many mounting possibilities – either magnetic or pole/wall – as well as a cover that can be attached to Ethernet ports to prevent moisture from entering when it rains. Quickly, the outdoor design of the Switch includes its recessed ports, which are difficult to remove an RJ45 connector, as your fingers can’t pull out the release clip on the connector which makes it one of the Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023.

In testing, we discovered that it functioned as well as any other in this list while using Flex without a configuration: Transfer rates were stable and quicker than other under load-tested gigabit switches. However, it should be noted that Ubiquiti is extremely hot, easily sat over 100 degrees and heating up to 118.7 degrees F with each port in operation – and that is in a cold environment with lots of air circulation. It is rated to work in temperatures of up to 149 degrees F (at 25W – 131F at 46W), however, it would be a good idea if the direct sun used outside it might reduce its life span or impact.

The USW-Flex is also supplied with various warnings. The switch is handled using the browser GUI (the same overall interface for all UniFi devices, which is excellent if you have an all-UniFi network, but unpleasant and confusing if you only have one switch. And although it can work without ever altering its settings, some of you must adjust in order to get the claimed capabilities. For example, the 802.3bt protocol that provides for a whole 46 watts power budget doesn’t default, therefore the power source must be changed to PoE Injector under the settings.

You will want to know if the device that is powered by the 802.3bt Protocol is output, otherwise, you will not be able to obtain the full 46 watts. The final remark applies in general to managed switches: When you set up and use a virtual LAN, you need to make sure your router supports VLANs first – Amazon’s eero, for example, is not supported at now. In spite of all this, bringing a hundred bucks of Gigabit Ethernet and 802.3af PoE power from four ports everywhere in your house is a hefty item in our “positive” column.

  • 802.3af PoE power
  • Small Size
  • Weather Resistant
  • Gigabit Speeds
  • Heating problem
  • No real SSH capability

3. TP-Link TL-SG108

With 8-port network switches for the home or small business network, the TP-Link TL-SG108 is difficult to beat. It is small, has a metal shell that includes fans, plus dimmers and less-distracting LEDs than some of its rivals (Don’t worry, there are still two per port, each with color and/or blink pattern information). The TL-SG108 also has QoS traffic priority, full-duplex flow management, auto-negotiate ports for gigabit transfer speed and a simple plug-and-play configuration. This finest network switch has almost comparable to other 8-port switches, which we tried and operated cool.

One noticeable failure from this network switch is loop detection, which stops a crawler or blocked network traffic from reaching your network. This may be a very essential troubleshooting tool for a complex network with visible indications on a switch that inform you which Ethernet ports to look for problems.

Finally, the TP-Link has a great life guarantee that provides a pleasant tranquillity you won’t be able to obtain from, for instance, the equally affordable Netgear GS308, which is only guaranteed for two years which makes it one of the Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023. All in all, while you just need five additional ports, we suggest this switch for the price, feature set, and construction quality that will increase your network’s wired capabilities today and in the future.

  • Affordable price
  • Excellent built
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No loop detection

4. NETGEAR 8-Port GS108

If you want to know which is the Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023 to pick, or if you have a concept on the powerful gadget, then you might be glad that model from Netgear is structured by eight ports.

It has a network speed of 1 gigabit/s. It is cost-effective in power consumption since it is compatible with the energy-efficient IEEE802.3az Ethernet mode. Furthermore, the concept is perfect for organizations that wish to expand their wired office network at a reasonable cost which makes it one of the Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023.

Even if not managed, it is quickly installed and its beginning requires no pilot. Thanks to its high compactness and resilience, it has been carefully developed to withstand shocks. If, however, you have any difficulty while using it, be confident that it will last for life and be covered by Prosafe, which is always ready to help you. The wall or desk is very easy to attach for personal or commercial use.

The auto-uplink enables you to modify crossover or direct wires. This one of the Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023 is straightforward to install and maintain. It supports jumbo frames up to 9Kbps.

  • Robust metal construction
  • 8 auto-detection ports
  • Easy monitoring of activity and speed
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Point of Entry Filter for network security
  • The switch does not measure the power consumed by each PoE device.

5. Ubiquiti UniFi Switch

The Ubiquiti UniFi is one of the Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023 in terms of design, performance, features, and functionality inside the UniFi ecosystem.

It features a very basic and slick silver appearance with an UniFi logo on the left and all the Ethernet connections on the right. To the rear is a power supply connection, product information, and an Ethernet port to connect to the switch through a console.

The construction quality is amazing; it’s really strong and when you give it a little shake nothing sounds loose. However, 8 ports, 16 port and 48 port variants are available, depending on if you need more or less. This particular model includes 24 ports. Each port is a port of Gigabit which makes it one of the Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023.

There are also two other SFP ports that are useful if you only need a few extra ports. These dedicated ports allow you to easily connect two more Ethernet cables if you desire, or to install a fiber-optic SFP module when you want to fit fiber-optic connections directly to the switch.

Every port is also able to push POE+ (802.1af and 802.1at POE standards). It may be quite handy if you want to power other devices like UniFi access points or cameras.

One element that distinguishes Ubiquiti from its competitors is its UniFi controller software. It’s easy to install, operates fast, and is a one-stop shop for the whole network. When utilizing UniFi devices, everything is made easier because they function extremely well with one another in their ecosystem.

The UniFi network controller enables you to administer the network from a single control panel, offers comprehensive monitoring, remote firmware upgrades, and full-time users and customers, as well as a guest portal and support for hotspots.

One typical concern is that the switch may run pretty hot, so it’s worth considering when selecting where to place it. You probably don’t want to spend much time where it is; a garage is a fantastic spot where I keep all my networking equipment.

The UniFi switch can look costly, in particular when compared with other switches which have the same number of ports and similar performance, however, I think it is worth the additional bit what the UniFi network controller is capable of and how well it interacts with other UniFi devices.

  • 24V Passive and PoE+ capabilities
  • Affordable price
  • Best build Quality and Noise Considerations
  • Limited port aggregation

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User Guide for the Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023

The purpose of this buyer’s guide is to discuss the elements that we believe are the most essential to consider when selecting which network switch is the best fit for your company’s needs.

Number of Ports

When looking for a network switch, the number of devices you want to connect to it is perhaps the most important element to take into consideration. Even if you only have one or two PCs dedicated to gaming, it’s likely that you’ll want to connect some of your other devices to your gaming PCs through Ethernet in order to get a little bit more performance from them.

The number of ports on a network switch might vary depending on the model. Some models will only have four ports, but others may have as many as 48 ports. Personally, I believe that acquiring a 4-port switch will result in you being underprepared for your needs. You may rapidly discover that this is insufficient and that you must go out and get another.

A 48 port switch, on the other hand, is certainly overkilling for most people, at least when it comes to home networking. I would recommend a switch with between 8 and 24 ports, depending on your needs. This will be plenty for the vast majority of people, with some left over for contingency planning purposes.

Managed VS Unmanaged

Unmanaged switches are sent by the manufacturer pre-configured, and you are unable to make any modifications to them after they have been installed. They are designed to be simple to use and do not require any configuration; simply connect it into your router and supply it with electricity and you are ready to go. An unmanaged switch does nothing more than enable two connected devices to talk with one another; it does nothing further. Fortunately, this is all that is required when it comes to connecting your gaming computer.

A smart switch, also known as an intelligent switch, is a type of switch that exists between managed and unmanaged switches. It is located in the middle of the two categories. In comparison to managed switches, they are less expensive to purchase, but they still provide you with more control than you would receive from an unmanaged switch.

If I were to propose one of these three types of switches, I would choose a smart switch in the majority of cases. They provide an excellent mix between price and features, and they will be suitable for the vast majority of individuals. If you have the financial means, you may want to consider investing in a managed switch instead, particularly if you anticipate expanding your home network in the near future.


When buying a network switch, consider speed. Using a sub-par switch might cause latency during online gaming sessions, making the game less pleasant and increasing your chances of losing. When evaluating switches, look for a switch with Gigabit ports. They are the fastest and should be kept for your gaming PC and other devices that require them.

Best Network Switches for Gaming in 2023 – FAQs

Is a network switch good for gaming?

A network switch will be required due to the fact that you will be connecting in several devices while playing. To put it another way, it’s fantastic for gaming.

Does a network switch add latency gaming?

It is possible that a home network will add some delay, but it will not constitute a bottleneck in any manner. An intelligent device that only delivers packets where they are needed, a switch has no influence on the performance of a computer when it is turned on and inactive.

Visual Guide

Final Words

This user guide has discussed the Top 5 Best Network Switches for Gaming including what to consider before buying Top 5 Best Network Switches for Gaming and some FAQs related to Top 5 Best Network Switches for Gaming. If you have any further queries, you may feel free to ask in the comments section.

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