How to Unlock Locked Games on PS4? Best Idea in 2023


Today we will talk about How to Unlock Locked Games on PS4. The Playstation 4 game system is among the most popular and successful gaming consoles. It is even more critical for a professional player to be conversant with the capabilities and features of this sophisticated gaming system. A-Pro model is on the way, and it will come with more functions as well. In order to prTotifying experience and to meet the small additional demands of the gamers,

Good games on the PlayStation 4 set the way for the success of the company’s platforms. Games such as Death Stranding, FIFA 20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and many others are available only through the PlayStation Store. Even though we have a satisfying catalog of games, we occasionally experience difficulties due to the dreaded padlock.

Depending on your system configuration, you may find yourself frequently dealing with PS4 games that have locked icons displayed on them. When you attempt to launch the game, you will see an error message stating that you do not possess the necessary licenses to play it. Who are you going to call to remedy this problem?

This may be a temporary problem. Depending on your internet connection speed at home or the performance of the PlayStation Network, it may take a few seconds for the message to disappear once you power up. This tutorial will assist you in removing the padlock so that you may return to the game you were playing.

In rare cases, when you attempt to launch a game, a locked icon appears with the message “You do not have the necessary license to access this game.” It may be only transitory. You may have a weak or sluggish internet connection. However, if the problem persists for an extended period, you must correct it quickly to continue playing your games on the PS4.

How to Unlock Locked Games on PS4? That is, after all, the fundamental aim of this piece of information.

How to Unlock Locked Games on PS4?

What are the Causes of Locked Games?

There are a variety of explanations behind the padlocks on the PS4. The padlock is primarily used as a primary locking mechanism. This mechanism has been activated to prto from sharing their PlayStation 4 games with others. You see, to play games on a PlayStation 4 console, you must own a valid license.

Because of the sharing games feature, there is a security risk that anybody may log in using another person’s account, download the game, and play it indefinitely. Sony wants to stop it by ensuring that those who have legitimately purchased the game get compensated.

Many of them are entirely unaentirelye problem with their consoles. A padlock may appear in your screen’s lower right corner at an unexpected moment. It does not necessarily imply that you are attempting to access another person’s account. Additionally, it occurs for various reasons, which we will examine in greater detail in the following section of the text.

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How to Unlock Locked Games on PS4

There are two main methods by which you can unlock your locked games.

  • Restore Game License
  • Activate As Primary PS4

Restore Game License

If you were playing a game that was suspended mode, you would see that the game is still running, but the padlock will prevent you from loading it again. If this occurs, you will have to wait a few seconds. Attempting You are attempting with the PSN servers to determine if you have a valid license to play this game on your PlayStation 4. At times, it may take a couple of seconds. It is extremely normal for the PS4 to take a few seconds to boot up after being turned on.

This is how you can restore the license of your games.

  • Register yourself using the PSN account that you used to purchase the game.
  • Go to Settings -> Accounts management and fill out the necessary information.
  • Select “Restore Licenses” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Purchased” from the “Purchased” drop-down menu in your PS4 library.
  • Select the download button for the game you’re having trouble accessing by clicking on it in the list.
  • After downloading the game, it will appear on your home screen.

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Activate As Primary PS4

Taking into consConsiderrior the technique did not work, you should attempt this second alternative. The lock will never show on the primary PS4 since it will store licenses on the system, and you will not have to restore them regularly.

You must have an active internet connection for your PS4 licenses to be restored if you are using a secondary console. Any network connection problems that occur when restoring privileges may pave the way for the lock to reappear on the screen. Don’t be concerned. The problem may be issued quickly and simply if you carefully follow the instructions provided below.

  • Configuration -> Account management
    Select “Activate as Primary PS4” and then deactivate the primary status of the PS4.
    Before departing, re-enable the window as paramount.
  • Test the padlocked game to see whether it resolves the issue.

Visual Guide

Final Words

I hope you find the helpful information and satvaluableg. Following the abovementioned methods, you may quickly remove the padlock and continue enjoying your games. You’re better off not sharing your game or your amatchnt. The primary account holder may get access to your game, and you will be booted out. Maintain a steady pace and keep up with technological advancements.

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