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This article will explain How to Turn Off Xbox Controller. When linked with any Bluetooth-enabled device, the Xbox Wireless Controller does not turn off when the device to which it is attached is turned off. You will learn how to turn off the controller when it has been linked to your phone through Bluetooth in this tutorial.

You can’t play video games unless you have an effective control mechanism. Perhaps you prefer a keyboard and mouse for your shooters and strategy games. Perhaps you aren’t bothered by the use of a touch screen for smartphone puzzles. The majority of games, on the other hand, perform best when played with a specialized controller. So every major gaming system comes with at least one gamepad, and each of them can be easily linked to your PC with some minor tweaks and configuration.

How to Turn Off Xbox Controller
How to Turn Off Xbox Controller

If you spend the most of your gaming time on your computer, for the simple reason that it offers the greatest library of titles spanning the widest variety of ages, audiences, genres, costs, and technical needs, you should consider purchasing a game controller for it.

Even though there’s nothing wrong with continuing to use your current mouse and keyboard to play Fortnite (in fact, PC purists would argue that you’ll perform even better than you would with a gamepad), almost every other game you purchase from, Humble Bundle, or Steam will feel significantly better with dual analogue sticks under your thumbs.

Many individuals, however, are unaware of how to switch them off through Bluetooth on a mobile device or a computer without removing the batteries from your Xbox Controller. To turn it off on Xbox, you just hold down the button until a new menu appears, allowing you to do so. However, while using Project xCloud on a mobile device or Bluetooth on a computer, you will not see a menu of this nature.

Other than your Xbox Series X or S, the Xbox Wireless Controller may be linked with a variety of other devices through Bluetooth. It is compatible with your Apple TV, as well as with the majority of iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, as well as your PC. If you purchased your Xbox One when it was first released, you’ll see that the contemporary controller has made some modest improvements over the original (including Bluetooth). With the Elite Series 2 controller, Microsoft has even improved upon its previous generation of the Xbox 360 controller.

The Xbox One controller is one of the most widely used gaming controllers today. This system is quite popular among gamers who enjoy playing games on it. In addition, we can watch movies and television shows, even in 4K quality, with this controller. It is important to correctly shut down your controller in order to conserve battery life, and doing so is a simple process. It is possible to switch the controller off via Bluetooth and the Console interface. In this article, we’ll go over two alternative approaches How to Turn Off Xbox Controller.

How to Turn Off Xbox Controller

The two ways to turn off Xbox are:

I. How to Turn Off Xbox Controller Via Bluetooth

II. How to Turn Off Xbox Controller Using Console

1. How to Turn Off Xbox Controller Via Bluetooth

How to Turn Off Xbox Controller

  1. Find the Xbox button, which is located on the center top of your controller.
  2. For six seconds, press and hold the button.
  3. After a short period of time, the controller will shut off.
  4. When you switch it back on, it will automatically reconnect to the device to which it was previously attached.

Keep in mind that pressing the Xbox button for more than 15 seconds will cause your controller to be hard reset.

2. How to Turn Off Xbox Controller Using Console

  1. Connect your Xbox controller to the console using the included cable.
  2. For the next three seconds, push and hold down the Xbox button.
  3. A new pop-up will appear on the screen to which your console is connected, displaying the information you entered.
  4. Select Turn Controller Off from the drop-down menu.

If you are unable to get this approach to work, you should remove the batteries from your controller to turn it off.


You may disable your controller’s auto-sleep mode by checking the auto sleep mode setting in the control panel configurations. This feature is available on all of the most recent console models.

If you are unable to locate the auto sleep option, you can use a micro USB cable or a USB charging cable to connect to the console and turn it off. It will prevent your controller from entering sleep mode.

Finally, you may add an extra rubber band to secure the control button if necessary. As a result, the controller will not go into sleep mode since it believes that someone is pushing a button to start a game.

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