How To Fix Your Broken Phone USB Charging Port? Updated 2023

How to Fix Your Broken Phone USB Charging Port on Android? And your phone will start charging again. Read each approach carefully because only one will work in your situation. Users may repair a charging port themselves.

In order to charge the Smartphone, over 99 per cent of Android phones rely on the charging port to do so. As a result, the charger port is one of the most important components of an Android phone. But what happens if it is damaged and your Android phone is unable to charge? In that circumstance, we find ourselves in a state of fear and scramble around looking for a solution.

How To Fix Your Broken Phone USB Charging Port

Here are some of the methods from which you will be able to know How To Fix Your Broken Phone USB Charging Port.

1. Clean the Port

Since many smartphone users keep their phones in their pockets, lint and other junk can build up in the USB charging port over time. This can make it hard for the charging cable to connect securely to the port contacts. If dust gets into the charging port on your Android phone, it might not work right. Because there was dust in between the ports, the electricity couldn’t get through, so your device didn’t get any power. As a result, you should clean your charging port with a sharp brush and then clean the port with any mobile cleaning solution that you have.

As a result, your problem was resolved, and your phone was now charging through its charger cable. It is necessary to first determine if your mobile phone is still under warranty or not before proceeding with this procedure. Do the complete method outlined above only if your phone’s warranty term has expired. Otherwise, you will suffer a significant reduction in the value of your warranty.

Follow these methods to clean your phone’s USB charging port and fix it.

  1. Disconnect your phone from the charger and turn it off completely.
  2. A tiny needle should be inserted into the charging port and slowly, carefully swiped across the area between the contacts and the USB port walls (see illustration).
  3. To remove lint from the port, gently pull the needle toward you and out of the port as you swipe. Continue cleaning until all of the lint has been gone.

Once the lint has been removed, your charger should establish a secure connection and your phone should begin to charge properly.

2. Place the Port Permanently

If you discover that your phone’s USB port has been relocated from its original location in the charging slot, you can permanently restore it to its original location.

3. Draw out the Charging Slot

The charging slot is the portion of the device where the USB port is located. It is preferable to remove the entire charging slot first before removing the damaged USB port in order to fix the problem with the USB port.

3. Separate the Both Parts

If you discover that your phone’s USB port has been relocated from its original location in the charging slot, you can permanently restore it to its original location by using solder paste.

3. Remove the Battery

We are all aware that a number of Android smartphones are now available with a fixed battery. In contrast, if your battery is replaceable, you should try removing it once and replacing it with a new one. This procedure will resolve any external issues with the battery and will prevent any power from being sent from the battery to the Android phone by using it.

3. Change the Charger

If nothing else seems to work, try charging your Android phone with a new charging cable. As a result, in certain circumstances where the charger port has been damaged, customers can charge their Android phone using a charging cable with a larger connector. This can resolve the issue. This connector has the ability to reach deep into the Android charging port and transfer current.

If the charging port on your Android phone is not working, this is a regular problem. To begin with, you will not be required to change your charging port. Because of a widespread issue that has occurred in all electrical devices, this will be the case. As a result, by following the steps outlined above, you may repair a damaged charging port on an Android device without the need for an expert. Take your Android Phone to the business repair centre, however, if nothing else works. We hope this article will help you to know How To Fix Your Broken Phone USB Charging Port

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FAQs – How To Fix Your Broken Phone USB Charging Port

1. What is the best way to determine the amperage and voltage of my phone’s battery?

Ampere is an Android application that you may download to your smartphone and use to determine the charging statistics of your charger and your device.

2. When should I charge my phone and at what percentage of its battery life?

When it comes to charging your phone, there is a rule: you must maintain your phone charged between 60 and 80 per cent of its capacity. When you reduce the charge of your phone’s battery to less than 15 per cent, the battery life of your phone is compromised. Additionally, it surpasses the manufacturer’s recommended charging cycle. Make it a practice to keep your phone’s battery in good condition.

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