How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House: Updated November 2021

In this post, I’ll teach you How to Find lost Nintendo Switch in Your House, as well as the precautions you can take to guarantee that you never misplace another Nintendo Switch again!

Whenever you use any type of portable electronic equipment, there is a potential that it will be taken from you. The Nintendo Switch is an extremely popular item, and those who own it frequently take it with them on their travels.

It just takes a few minutes left on a table until someone comes by and picks it up and takes it home with them. If this has occurred to you, you may be wondering if it is possible to monitor a Nintendo Switch using GPS. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about what to do if your Switch is stolen.

Knowing How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House is crucial since the Switch is a popular portable gaming console, but it is also costly equipment, and you must take care to ensure that it does not become lost or stolen while in your possession.

There is no tracking device included, but you should register the serial number with Nintendo as soon as you get it because it will help you How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House, and you may purchase additional tracking devices to aid in the recovery of your game console if it goes stolen.

Always check the serial number of a Switch before purchasing it from a third-party vendor, since you don’t want to end up purchasing a stolen device. If you lose track of your switch’s serial number, it is critical to remember that it can only be recovered if it is registered with the appropriate authority.

How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House

Unfortunately, you will be unable to locate your Switch on your own but still we can help you How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House. It does not include a function that is similar to Apple’s Find Your Phone feature, for example. There are actions you may do, however, to obtain information about your Switch that the police can use to assist you in locating it if you lose track of it.

To begin, you’ll need to know what your serial number is. Assuming you already have a Switch, you’ll find it on the bottom of the device, just beside the USB-C connection.

It may also be found in the System Settings section of the console’s menu. Another place to look is on the outside of the box where the item was packaged. Alternatively, if you have the box but your Switch has been stolen, you may look for the serial number on the bottom of the box.

Alternatively, if your Switch has been stolen and you do not have access to the box or serial number, you can try returning it to the shop where you purchased it.

They should be labelled with the serial number that corresponds to the purchase. If your Switch is stolen, it is critical that you do all you can to recover your serial number.

Why Serial Number is Important?

The reason why knowing your serial number is so crucial is because it allows you to contact Nintendo customer service. However, while they will not be able to monitor your device, they will be able to observe when someone is connected to the Internet and what IP address they used.

The IP address provides them with information about the city in which the device is located. Once you’ve gathered this information, you may pass it along to the officers who are investigating your case. If you haven’t done so before, this is a good opportunity to submit a police report.

You will need to provide the police with information on the device’s appearance, any identifying characteristics, any games that are included, and the serial number.

If your Nintendo account is associated with the device, please sure you deactivate it as soon as possible. You don’t want the criminal to steal your Switch and then charge you for games on top of that.

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Tracking a Switch – How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House

In order to ensure that you are not purchasing a stolen Switch, you need to conduct your research before making your purchase. Unfortunately, some people do sell stolen things, therefore you must take care to avoid being a victim.

Fortunately, if you know the serial number, you can figure it out for yourself. In order to ensure that the Switch hasn’t been flagged as a stolen item, you should contact Nintendo Customer Support.

In addition, you should double-check that the serial number on the product matches the serial number on the original box. Having two distinct numbers is a red flag that something is wrong.

Finally, you may contact your local police station and inquire as to whether anyone has reported a Switch with your serial number as being stolen. If at all feasible, obtain the serial number before purchasing the item.

Purchasing a genuine Switch should not be a problem, and you will spare yourself the headache of purchasing a stolen Switch as a result of doing so. The Switch’s serial number may be found at the bottom of the box as well as at the bottom of the left side of the system.

This pair of numbers should be the same as well. If you purchase the Switch without the original packing, it is possible that you will not be able to find out, and some individuals choose to toss away the package entirely.

Examine the Switch to ensure that it does not have a user’s account saved on it. If it does, request that the vendor deactivate it so that you do not have any difficulties. Despite the fact that people do sell stolen Switches, there are measures you may do to ensure that yours is genuine.

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How to Make Sure That Your Switch Isn’t a Stolen Item

In the event that your Nintendo Switch is lost, there are no tracking options available on the device. This may be quite annoying. An aftermarket tracking solution for the Switch, on the other hand, maybe purchased from Amazon.

Tile Mate is the name of this gadget, and it is a Bluetooth tracker that can be used to find a variety of different objects, including your Switch. It simply costs a few dollars, therefore it is a straightforward answer. When you use this gadget, it connects straight to your Nintendo Switch console.

You can use the App with Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and other smart home alternatives, and you can download it for iOS or Android devices to utilise with them. If your Switch is close, you may use the Find function to find it and make a sound.

If it is a long distance away, you may check the app to see where it was most recently located. If someone has your Switch and is still in the vicinity, you can track it down using Bluetooth technology.

If the location is a long distance away, they offer a function that allows you to enlist the assistance of the Tile network. When a user is within the Bluetooth range of your device, they will receive a notice from your device.

This tracker is a smart choice since it can provide you with some peace of mind in the event that your Switch is stolen by knowing that you have a possibility of tracing it down.

We hope that now you can know How to Find Lost Nintendo Switch in Your House

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