How to Clean PS4 Fans- Updated 2023

If you want to know how to clean PS4 fans, this article will definitely help you. If you’ve been using a PlayStation 4 for some time, it’s likely to run much louder than when you purchased it. Dust tends to build up within the system with time, like with other gadgets. It’s good practice to clean up your fans once in a while to keep your PS4 functioning at its best. Follow our method for cleaning the fans on your PlayStation 4 to calm them and eliminate all this unpleasant dust.

All the ambitious PS4 owners now need to know that it is good to clean your PlayStation every now and then to keep it in its finest shape. Follow our advice on cleaning your four fans to enhance their performance.

The PlayStation 4 is a highly helpful gadget known and admired for its small size and sharp edges. With only one significant disadvantage, it’s virtually ideal. Over time, you have to work twice as hard to keep the system cool. The fans on your PlayStation 4 collect dust. A PS4’s dust-coated fan tends to generate a lot of noise as it is moving extremely quickly. After reading this article, you will know how to clean PS4 fans.

How to Clean PS4 Fans

Here are the most basic and straightforward methods for cleaning PS4 fans.

How to Clean PS4 Fans
How to Clean PS4 Fans

1. Power Off and Unplug Your PlayStation4 

Before you open the PS4 and begin cleaning, always make sure that it is totally switched off and disconnected. Turn it fully down if your PlayStation is in resting mode and shows an orange light. Press the PlayStation button on the controller to shut down your system. The quick menu will be opened. Go to Power, and then choose to turn the PS4 off. Turn off the power cable, the HDMI cable, and any other wiring or USB devices connected to your PS4 when all lights are on.

2. Remove screws

Three stickers in line with the power cable port will be shown here. Remove the stickers gently with a knife or a sharp-pointed instrument. Try not to harm anything when you erase scratch marks. After you take the stickers off, use the TR9 screwdriver to loosen the screws under the stickers. Once they’re out, set them aside with care. Once out.

3. Remove the power supply

You need to take off the power supply first before you dip it into the heat sink and clean the fan completely. Five screws hold the PSU in place. Three of these five screws have to be dismantled using a TR9 safety screwdriver, and two with a Phillips standard screwdriver. Use the five screws carefully with each screwdriver.
You may remove the PSU once all five screws have been properly removed. Take it carefully by the sides and pull it up slowly. It is attached to the mainboard through a wire below, so be sure you do not remove it accidentally. When it has been lifted, carefully turn it over so that it is still linked to the cable but stays on the side.

4. Clean the dust from fans

Now you’ll see the heat sink and the fan quite clearly. Take your blower or your compressed air to blast the dust and direct it at the fan. Blow quick blows of air to clear the corners and blades of all of your dust. Instead of blowing it farther inside, make sure you blow the dust out of the system.

At this stage, your cotton swabs and cotton balls are useful in cleaning out any dust which the blower cannot get. The heat sink, the outside borders, and the fan, in particular, are the majority of the stains so that these areas are targeted. Do not hold up your compressed air, as the liquid within it may spill out and harm your system.

Make sure you don’t immediately spray air on the supplier. The fan might break its circuit at an extremely high speed. Try to grip the fan before blowing air with your finger or other soft object. The most important element is to ensure that no air blows on the PS4 disc drive. There’s no DIY for this, but only replacing the disc drive will resolve an issue if the optical lens is gone.

5. Replace the Components

After you clean everything thoroughly, put it all back in the opposite order. Turn the PSU gently over and place it in its position carefully. Insert the five tornadoes at each location. If you forget, the two screws in the lower corners are Phillips, and the other three are TR9.

Put the lid back in place and slightly down the sides to properly attach it. Put the TR9 on the PS4 again. If you want, at this stage, you can return the stickers. In any scenario, the default harm is to your warranty sticker.

Keep PS4 Safe from Dust

With the use of rut-free furniture pads, the time for the PS4 to generate loud noises may be reduced considerably. In addition, dust is a shared component of the house that is not going to stay. The use of a vacuum cleaner in electronics is therefore an easy technique to extend devices’ life. We hope that this article will definitely help you learn how to clean PS4 fans.

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