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Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+: price, release date, and specification

Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+: price, release date, and specification

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Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+: price, release date, and specification

There are various kinds of mobile phone in the world. Samsung is one of them. It has various kinds of series these are j, s, m, series etc. Today I will discuss about “s” series, Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+. Let’s start.

Galaxy S10 flagship has a good performance. Now I will talk about release date, price, specification etc below.

Samsung has officially shown S10 line up. These are s10, s10e, s10+. Galaxy s10 and s10+ are more attractive to people. I like this and I hope you will be happy to know about this phone.

Release date:

The Samsung galaxy s10 plus release date was 8 march but pre ordered started many days ago since 20 February. It will be available from the month of June everywhere. The Samsung authority had said that it will be 5G supported.

Specification: Now I will discuss a details information about this phone. It is very important for any kinds of phone. Specially one who person shop a mobile phone it’s must be important to see these things. So read attentively the below information.


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Samsung galaxy s10e, s10, and s10+ series display quality is very good and good performance. Infinity display perfected from the pixel up. It is eye comfort display. The display is made with sturdy gorilla glass. Galaxy S10e has 5.8” display, Galaxy S10 has 6.1” and Galaxy S10+ has 6.4” display.


Samsung camera is all time good. And it is very familiar for it’s good camera service. And Samsung Galaxy “S” series camera service is so good. It has ultra wide camera capture and get great perspective. It has 5 camera triple rear camera and dual front camera. And dual front camera only available Galaxy S10+. It can detects face. At a first time Samsung give advantage 4k UHD video with a front facing camera. Triple rear camera are 12 MP wide, 12 MP, and 16 MP primary camera and dual front camera are 10 MP, and 8 MP.


Battery performance is very good. It is very important things that if your friend or your relative lost his/her mobile charge you can share charge easily. Non-removable Li-lon battery. And it is very useful for Samsung Galaxy S10 user.

By using power saving mode you can manage your battery long time.  4100 mAh available for Galaxy S10+ Galaxy S10 has 3400 mAh and Galaxy S10e has 3100 mAh (typical) battery.

RAM and ROM:

Galaxy S10 RAM (Random access memory) 8/12 Gb. If we play a graphics-heavy game, it will runs smoothly. ROM (Read Only Memory) Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ internal storage up to 512GB and we can add another via micro SD card for a revolutionary 1Tb storage space.

Price :

Samsung GalaxyS10+ price in USD: 999.99, Galaxy S10e cost USD :749.99 and Galaxy S10 price is  USD:899.99

Galaxy S10+ in India  price Rs : 85890

price in Europe : Eur 1050.

Price in Chaina: Yaun 8,90


We can’t guarantee you that it might be not sure because this price can be changed the local market. Thank you for reading. If you want to learn about technology visit our site. We will try to give you update information about technology. Thank you.

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