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Facebook, Facebook app and Facebook outage.

Facebook, Facebook app and Facebook outage.

Facebook, Facebook app and Facebook outage.
The current era is the technology era. Technology has brought the world to our hands. If we want to do something we can do this easily. And it can do this just sitting at our home. For example, If we want to buy something such as cake, bread, meat, pizza, and to get any kinds of service only clicking the phone or other media which is used for online searching. So we say it frankly that technology gave us a good advantage. But unfortunately to say something that there are many kinds of people who are attacked by hacker anyhow. But if you become careful, you will not be affected by this problem. However today I would like to say about social media. Especially facebook media.


We know about the Facebook media. There is a little bit person who doesn’t know about the Facebook media. Because Facebook is greater than any other social media. It’s an American social media but it’s range spread all over the world. Almost 232 crores people using Facebook monthly. The chief executor and the founder of Facebook are Mark Zuckerberg.

He founded Facebook on February 4, 2004. He is a software engineer. However, I would not like to discuss his full description now. Now I will say you a short description of the outage of facebook.

zuckerberg img

Facebook outage:

below description.

What happened that day:

Recently the worst thing has happened with the facebook authority. Popular apps Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram all apps went down to some degree at about the same time. The international time around 11 am on March 13, 2019, some service was completely inaccessible. However, for this reason, the Facebook authority said sorry for the unexpected occurrence. They said that “we’ve now resolved the issue’s and our systems are recovering”. And said we are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience. But what occurred that days? Read attentively the below

facebook img

The international time around 11 am on March 13, 2019, some service was completely inaccessible. Besides of Facebook other services were inaccessible such as messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. Even I have also faced this problem. Who were using Facebook they claim that they can’t like, comment their friend post or can’t block each other. Even also faced this problem when I was using messenger. BBC said that Facebook did not face earlier such a big problem. However, Facebook had faced a big problem in 2008 then facebook user was very low that was only 15 crores but at present facebook active user almost 232 crores monthly. It is such a huge amount in social media. Facebook is not new suddenly shutting down their service, we had seen on 2015 facebook had stopped almost 50 minutes. And also had stopped for updated data on 2010. Various kinds of the person from different kinds of the country claim that they can’t enter their Facebook app. Especially it looks like the outage in New England, Texas, Seattle, Washington, Latin America, UK, Peru, Canada, Argentina, Bangladesh as well as more country faced this problem. And Facebook could not give full service for the broadcast unit also.


 We had heard earlier that facebook keep our personal information and uses it on the 2016 election. And it caused a very good impact on the election. So we should not give our secret information on social media. However, I have wanted to give you a short description of it. And I have given some description of Facebook, Facebook app and Facebook outage.

If we become careful we will be benefited. Thank you for visiting my site. If you want to get technology-related information you will visit my site.

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