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About us

About us

Hi there, my name is Selim Reza, I am 21 years young. I live in Bangladesh and I like to travel and I like to learn and teach. In my daily life, I am a blogger. I love to do these things and I also love to teach another person what I know.

In this website, you will find what you get

This is a technologies website. You will get upcoming technologies devices news. In this website, we will discuss the latest Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, and Android apps news. Because People are interested to know about the latest technologies devices. The techregulator.com is an ambitious multimedia effort founded in 2018, there you will get latest technologies device news.

Our Goal

Techregulator.com goal to be the most useful and trusted smartphone, tablet, laptops, and Android apps info of world. The goal is to help a large number of popular electronics gadget enthusiasts of the world, with all important information. But our primary focus is Smartphone, Tablet, and Laptop.